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General Information

After downloading and registering the RECASH app, we ask you to link your bank to the app. By giving your consent, RECASH can read your account information and transaction details. When you shop at our partners and pay by bank card, our system spots the transaction and credit the cashback automatically to your RECASH wallet.
After downloading the app, registering and bank approval (which we use for crediting your cashback) you have literally nothing else to do. You can shop and pay as usual at our partners, and the cashback will be automatically credited to your in-app RECASH wallet.
Yes. After downloading the app, you can register with an email address and password. You do not need to provide any other personal information in the app. You can also register with your Facebook account or Apple ID.
Cashback is automatically credited based on your bank account's transactional data. Our system needs to receive this anonymous data to generate your cashback. Without your consent, your bank doesn't provide this information to us.
In order to keep your consent active - for your own protection -, the regulation requires you to renew your bank consent every 90 days. Without your bank consent, we will not receive information about where did you shop and we cannot collect your cashback from our partners. You can renew your bank approval by selecting Bank Accounts in the app.
Our company operates with bank-level security. Recash is a so-called Account Information Service Provider (AISP). This directive of the European Union came into force in September and is covered by PSD2. Recash is a payment institution and is registered in 7 European Member States.

You can find the directive here:

You can find our company registered on the European Banking Authority page:

On the search page, in the "Institution name" field, please enter the name of the registered name of our company RECASH.
After registration, we will redirect you to the interface of your Bank, where you can give consent to the app to read your account information. After granting permission, the app will have access to the following information: - the last four digits of the bank card number; date of the credit card transactions; the amount of credit and debit card transactions; the currency of credit and debit card transactions; and the merchant identification code allocated to the card accepting terminal used for the transaction. When you link your bank, we always inform you about what we use the information for (e.g.: to identify the transactions made to our Partners; to settle the cashback with Partners and to send you personalised offers).
You can find the full list of brands that provide cashback to RECASH users after downloading the app. The app is free to download, all you need is an email address to register and you may delete your account at any time.
In Hungary, OTP, K&H, MKB, Raiffeisen, Gránit Bank, Revolut and TransferWise users can use RECASH currently. It is not up to us: despite the legal obligation, the banks are not ready yet with the requirements specified by PSD2. This process is expected to speed up, and more and more banks and brands are joining our platform.
Yes it does. You only required to have a credit card linked to your Curve account that you have already connected to RECASH.
Works with several debit cards connected to the same bank account, but you can also add an account from multiple banks. (For example if you added a K&H account and a Revolut account too, you'll receive cashback from both account's transactions.) Except some banks (for example Revolut) you can't link multiple bank accounts from the same bank. (For example from OTP Bank you can only link one account, and the active is which you added the last.)
Currently, we can only provide cashback when you pay by debit card. For now, the app does not work with credit cards, as banks are not able to provide sufficient data after credit card purchases. In the absence of transactional data, our system cannot collect your cashback from our partners. Hopefully this will change in the near future.
This can vary depending on how long it takes to receive the data from your bank. The transaction is usually not posted immediatelly by your bank, it can take a few minutes, a couple of hours, and very rarely a few days. After it has been posted, the bank will send us the information and in a couple of hours the cashback will appeare in your RECASH wallet.
As long as the transaction has "pending", "in progress" or "card reservation" status at your bank, the cashback cannot appear either. Once your transaction is completed, the cashback will automatically appear within 6 hours, as indicated in the Terms & Conditions.
The transactions are in Pending status for a period of time - typically 14 days - due to so-called refund or chargeback transactions.
When you have reached the payout limit of 3000 HUF, you can request transferring your cashback to any of your bank accounts by clicking the "Start a payout" button and following the instructions. You can read more about this in our General Terms & Conditions:
Yes, the transfer fee is 100 HUF currently.
The Automatic Cashback Coupon is a special offer from our partners to RECASH users. When you get a coupon, you will receive the coupon value in cashback and not the Loyalty Cashback. (You cannot receive the Loyalty Cashback and the value of the Automatic Cashback Coupon at the same time, they cannot be combined.) The coupon will be automatically activated on the next purchase if it meets the conditions, and is valid for one purchase only. Coupons can be used for a limited time, which is indicated on the coupon. We advise you to check the app regularly, so you don’t miss out on great cashback offers that might expire.
If you have a problem, you can contact our customer service any time. You can either messages us through the app, or you can send an email directly to . We will do our best to answer your enquiry in a timely manner.

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