Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

After the free registration, you can give consent at your bank through the app that your bank can issue your transaction details to RECASH. After making a purchase with your credit card, the system will notify your bank of your transactions and credit the cashback directly within the application.
Yes. After downloading the app, you can register with an email address and password. You do not need to provide any other information in the app.
Cashback is credited based on card transactional information. To receive this anonymised data we need your consent via your bank.
Our company operates with bank-level security. Recash is a so-called Account Information Service Provider (AISP). This directive of the European Union came into force in September and is covered by PSD2. Recash is a payment institution and is registered in 7 European Member States.

You can find the directive here:

You can find our company registered on the European Banking Authority page:

On the search page, in the "Institution name" field, please enter the name of the registered name of our company APPSPECT.
After registration, we will redirect you to the interface of your Bank, where you can give consent to the app to access your data.
After granting permission, the app will have access to the following information:
- the last four digits of the bank card number; date of the credit card transactions; the amount of credit and debit card transactions; the currency of credit and debit card transactions; and the merchant identification code allocated to the card accepting terminal used for the transaction.
When giving your consent, we inform you about what we use your information for, i.e. to identify the transactions made to our Partners; to settle the cashback with Partners; and to operate an efficient in-app recommendation system that uses anonymous profiling.
After downloading the application, registering and bank approval, (which will be used to send you cashback) you have literally nothing to do. When you pay at our partners, you can use your credit card in the same way as you normally would, with the difference that cashback is automatically credited to your in-app balance in the background.
The current regulations require you to renew your bank consent every 90 days. Without your bank consent, we will not see which partners you purchased from, so the app will not be able to collect cashback for you. You can simply renew your bank approval by clicking on Banks in the in-app menu.
Yes! In the app menu select Banks and click the Add new account button, where you can choose all your banks individually.
You can transfer your cashback by clicking the Start a payout button when you have reached the payout limit of GBP 20. You can read more about this in our General Terms and Conditions:
Following our international expansion, yes. Our goal is to get you cashback in as many countries and places as possible. Until then, our service is only available in the United Kingdom and Hungary.

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